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Cyclical lathe: Saeilo Dialog S122/2000 MV41

Max. swing diameter over bed: 1,220 mm
Max. swing diameter over slide: 1,000 mm
Max. turning length: 2,000 mm


NC lathe: Gildermeister MF-Sprint 65
with bar loader

MMax. diameter of part: 65 mm
Max. length of part: 90 mm
Bar loader: max. Ø
With counter spindle and rear-side processing
Processing Centre:
Mori Seiki MV 40 – B / OMD

Travelling distance:
x direction: 800 mm
y direction: 410 mm
z direction: 500 mm
The machine has a permanently installed dividing attachment with a diameter of 300 mm
CNC lathe: Weiler UD24

Max. diameter of parts: 100 mm
Max length of parts: 120 mm

CNC lathe: Weiler DU 24

This is a small but extremely precise lathe with a maximum spindle speed of 8,000 revolutions per minute

CNC lathe: Gildemeister CTX 400 Series 2

Swing diameter: 570 mm
Turning length: 635 mm
NC vertical lathe: EMAG VL3 with Lifetool (powered tools)

Chuck diameter max: 200 mm
Revolution diameter: 210 mm
Travelling distance x: 400 mm
Travelling distance z: 200 mm

We have three such machines with which we currently manufacture turned parts for the automotive industry. The big advantage of this vertical lathe EMAG VL3 lies in the feeding system. The machine collects the parts to be processed independently and puts them back in place when they are finished. In doing so, even short series of only a few hundred parts can be efficiently and profitably manufactured.
  Cyclical lathe: Saeilo H66

Max. swing diameter over bed: 660 mm
Max. swing diameter over slide: 400 mm
Max. turning length: 2,000 mm
Coordinate measuring machine: Köbler-Electronic, KM1

Travelling distance: x-direction: 405 mm
y-direction: 331 mm
z-direction: 302 mm
    Contour measuring device ConturoMatic DV120

Measurement range x: 120 mm
Measurement range y: 30 mm

The data evaluation software can read CAD data as well as display the measured contours as CAD data.
Electronic altimeter
TESA Microhite

Measurement range: 515 mm
  Vertical band saw
Kasto SSB 260 VA

Max. saw diameter: 260 mm
For automatic sawing of various materials at infinitely variable lengths.

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